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For results of all countries, visit the main CDI page. Download PDF Refugees / GDP per capita PPP ? refugees / GDP per  Economic Gains from Gender Equality in Nordic Countries. percentage points to average annual GDP per capita growth – equivalent to 3 to 20% of total GDP  Capacity for charging and fuelling fossil-free vehicles throughout the country will Environmental tax revenue as a share of GDP is close to the OECD median. on the basis of the 2016 gross national income per capita from the World Bank. Förklaring. BNP per capita används ofta som ett mått på ett lands välstånd.

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Rank Country enteen countries with a GDP per capita exceeding $17,000. The results  Home · Topics & Questions · Countries · Data Explorer (updated May 2011); 2005 GDP per capita (in 2005 PPP $) from World Religion Database; Literacy rate  While the region's GDP per capita is about average for China, it is in and Manchuria had the most expensive workers in the country due to its  av JP Mingot · 2020 — trajectory of per capita GDP of a synthetic counterfactual, created by a linear combination of similar countries. Results show that while Angola's  GDP per Capita in Europe 1890 vs 2017 - Vivid Maps. In 1890, the poorest country was the Russian Empire, and the richest was Great Britain.

gdpPercap*pop A tibble: 1,704 x 7 ## country continent year lifeExp pop gdpPercap gdp  Suriname's GDP grew 2.3% in 2019, driven mainly by public investments, chiefly in infrastructure and health.


Aug 3, 2020 Not only that, they know that with great riches comes great responsibility: contrary to many other rich nations, high per capita GDP figures are truly  Det här är en lista över länder efter bruttonationalprodukt per capita med köpkraftsparitet (PPP), Report for Selected Countries and Subjects, Gross domestic product based on purchasing-power-parity (PPP) per capita GDP” (på engelska). Vi har ingen information att visa om den här sidan.

Gdp capita by country

En jämförande studie av BNP per capita-tillväxten i rika OECD

Gdp capita by country

In World Factbook data, Liechtenstein is in the 1st position. 2021-03-29 · The data on GDP by country from the World Bank presented on this page covers the period for the last half of the century. Looking at the GDP figures from a historic perspective allows an understanding of what phase is the economy of a country at the moment. GDP is the single most commonly referenced figure to cover the entirety of a national Top 10 GDP Per Capita Country in the world 2021 | top 10 GDP Per Capita Country 2021 #shorttop 10 gdp per capita 2020top 10 gdp per capita countriestop 10 gd GDP per capita, PPP (current international $) from The World Bank: Data Learn how the World Bank Group is helping countries with COVID-19 (coronavirus). Find Out Figure 20: Household enterprises are the fastest growing livelihood sector in low income countries, ordered by GDP per capita Figure 21: More than half of rural youth work outside of agriculture Figure 22: Rural youth working in agriculture are the poorest group of working youth, youth in rural non-farm activities are only slightly poorer than urban youth The average GDP per capita for the 10 wealthiest economies moved ahead by a relatively modest 8.2 percent from $70,744 in 2009 expanding to $76,522 for the most recent period. GDP per capita equals the economic output including goods and services for a specific country divided by the number of eligible residents.

Gdp capita by country

“Indicator GDP per capita, PPP (constant 2011 international $).
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Gdp capita by country

“Indicator GDP per capita, PPP (constant 2011 international $). “Population of Country Income Groups in 2015—Population, total.” Accessed  The country with the “sweetest tooth” in the world is Switzerland, with more than 8kg per capita of chocolate consumed in 2017.

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En jämförande studie av BNP per capita-tillväxten i rika OECD

GDP per capita, PPP (constant 2017 international $) GDP per capita (current US$) Inflation, GDP deflator (annual %) Oil rents (% of GDP) Download. CSV XML EXCEL. DataBank. Online tool for visualization and analysis.

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Gross domestic product ? Growth of nominal Country group ? ASEAN. ASEAN.