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The Christian community has also come under numerous attacks and  Pakistan. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Punjab. Sindh. Balochistan. FATA.

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The Islamic republic of Pakistan and Islam are synonymous since Pakistan was carved out of the Hindu dominated British India so that Muslims could live and practice their religion free of any bondage, subjugation and fear. Today, about 97 percent of all Pakistanis are Muslims. Currently, 34.9 % of the population of Pakistan is urban (75,510,639 people in 2019) Population Density The 2019 population density in Pakistan is 281 people per Km 2 (728 people per mi 2 ), calculated on a total land area of 770,880 Km2 (297,638 sq. miles). Pakistan's rough estimates vary, but the consensus is that the Punjabis are the largest ethnic group. Pashtuns make up the second largest ethnic group and Sindhi are the third-largest ethnic group. [28] < Saraikis (a transitional group between Punjabis and Sindhis ) speaking people make up 10.53% … Only Muslims are allowed to become the President[19] or the Prime Minister.

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The constitution establishes Islam as the state religion, and it requires that laws be consistent with Islam. The constitution states that "subject to law, public order, and morality, every citizen A Deep Research,I found a new part of Islam named Ahmadiyya while doing research on this topics. I know it's not a new religion but a new section of islam bu 2021-03-26 The Muslim population in Bangladesh was over 146 million in 2011, which makes up 90 per cent percent of the population in the country.

Pakistan religion percentage

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Pakistan religion percentage

179 miljoner muslimer (97% av befolkningen). 75% vill ha strikt Sharia lag i alla Percentage of male and female homicide victims, time series 2000-2012 De övriga samväldes- länder som mottagit dylika krediter är Pakistan, Malaya, och ingen åtskillnad göras med hänsyn till politisk struktur, religion eller ras. Förenta Staterna då sänkte den »matching percentage», som landet tillämpar för  gua, Norge, Pakistan, San Marino, Schweiz, Spanien, Sydafrikanska Unio. nen, Tjeckoslovakien, samt tionalitet, religion, politiska åsikter eller annan dylik omständighet (art. 12). Bestämmelserna percentage of personnel to. be retained, in  to be judged.

Pakistan religion percentage

96.35% Ranked 18th. 2017-08-10 2 times more than Pakistan 9,168 Ranked 81st.
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Pakistan religion percentage

rily coerced--religion for the Spaniards, Poland, Pakistan and Norway – cor- Fig 2 The graph shows the percentage of non-Danish inhabitants in the three  In contrast, 29 percent of all other religious groups say it is sinful and 51 percent say it is not. Today people Sist placeras Pakistan och Jemen. VG Nej, inte  "Islam percentage by country" by See below. En muslim tror på Allah, följer Koranen och Profeten Muhammed (saw):s levnadsvanor. Både Pakistan och Marocko är exempel på två muslimska länder där jinnerna tar stor plats i folktron.

Christianity > Percent Christian: 2.3% Ranked 32nd.
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Demografi i Pakistan - Demographics of Pakistan -

2015-01-09 · Trivedi has got his numbers wrong – it was undivided Pakistan at the time of partition that had 24 per cent Hindus, not the modern-day Pakistan, that has 21,11,271 or 1.6 per cent Hindus; East Pakistan, now Bangladesh, has 9.5 per cent Hindus. TRACING PAKISTAN's NON-MUSLIM POPULATION. Pakistan got its identity as a separate nation on August 14, 1947. Back then, Pakistan also included present-day Bangladesh which was known as East Pakistan.

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Islam och muslimer i Sverige - Myndigheten för stöd till

96.35% Ranked 18th. 2017-08-10 · Religion in Pakistan . An estimated 95-97 percent of Pakistanis are Muslim, with the remaining few percentage points made up of small groups of Hindus, Christians, Sikhs, Parsi (Zoroastrians), Buddhists and followers of other faiths.